Since my recent unemployment I have been more broke then ever. This drastically changed my going out habits and also my eating habits. Money is super tight so I can’t afford the foods I really want and going out to an expensive New York City bar is out of the question, so why not bring the bar to you? 
This is an extremely easy yet insanely delicious frozen lemonade cocktail. You will only need a few items to make so it is ideal for the penny pinches and the struggling sallies like myself. 


. Smirnoff vodka 

. Lemonade juice

3. Ice

. Blender

How you make this delicious refreshening summer cocktail is as follows:

. Measure quantity of vodka you will like in you cocktail. (I used 3 shots for two drinks).

. Fill ice into glasses to measure.

. Fill lemonade a little more then half way in the glasses.

. Pour all ingredients into the blender.

. Blend until ice is crushed and a slushy texture.

. Pour back into glasses, pop in a straw, and enjoy.

Extremely simple, affordable, and a delicious cocktail to make that I will call “Lazy Lemonade”. Making drinks or food at home can save you so much versus going out, especially when you live in Brooklyn, N.Y. Groceries can get pricey too so it is nice to come across simple tricks and recipe ideas to break up the monotony of Ramen noodles and tap water. I hope you try this insanely easy recipe and come up with an idea of your own. Yes I know I didn’t invent this cocktail but I definitely made it sweeter making it myself at home versus ordering it at an expensive bar or restaurant. Make, drink, and enjoy. A cocktail so tasty it can make you feel like a million bucks and forget how poor you are for the moment. Cheers!!