O’Reilly’s authentic Irish Pub with the neon green sign and chalkboard out front that list the daily specials. Located on West 32 St. and Broadway in Manhattan next to a parking garage. Inside there is a huge mahogany two sided bar with the black leather stools and tables on the sides. The bar staff and waiters all have an Irish brook who are friends and attentive. The upper level also has a full bar with seating on the rooftop with a breathtaking view of New York City. Every corner of the bar has 50″ flat screen TV’s that display sports with an exposed brick style the O’Reilly’s logo is projected off the wall.  

     I walked in and sat at the end of the bar as I waited for a table. I ordered a Titos vodka and grapefruit cocktail garnished with a lemon wedge. The tart cocktail was refreshing with the perfect blend of vodka and fresh grapefruit juice. Sitting at the bar enjoying my fruity cocktail and watching sports on the television. I also ordered a refreshing glass of lemon water to chase my cocktail down. The Irish born bartender, Sean was very hospitable and professional, covered in sleeved tattoos, dressed in all black. The hostess came over with s smile to lead me to my table.

     I sat down ordered my next drink from the waitress, Christina as I read through the menu. The O’Reilly’s signature Pub burger caught my eye, all beef hamburger patty with American cheese melted on, lettuce, tomatoes, and raw red onions, topped with Heinz ketchup. The burger also came with a side of steak fries. When the friendly waitress came over I ordered my burger, cooked well done, and a glass of Goose Island Draft beer. You can never go wrong with a hot meaty cheeseburger, fresh potato fries with an ice-cold beer. Christina took down my order diligently and promised it would be out soon. As I enjoyed my delicious Titos grapefruit cocktail and chatted with some friends while catching some sports on the sleek, sharp flat screen before I knew it the food arrived at the table.

     The big beefy cheesy burger was one of he best burgers that I ever had. Cooked just right with the perfect combination of meat, cheese, and veggies in between a soft baked hamburger bun. The steak fries were soft and hot on the inside with crispy, crunchy outside crust. I topped my meal off with an ice-cold beer and was in my own little personal heaven.