I started typing in the words “real” and “raw” in Google search and I stumble upon this quote, “you were born to be real not imperfect”. This quote really intrigued me and I couldn’t stop pondering it. I knew I had some sort of connection with this quote, I didn’t know how. I decided to dig deeper. I knew the definition of real and imperfect but I wanted to see the actual definition in front of me. When I looked up “real” these are the words that jumped out at me: factual, genuine, authentic, and sincere. Then when I looked up “imperfect” these are the words that caught my attention: faulty, broken, incomplete, and unrefined. I found it funny that it took me this long to do this. I am a pretty creative and analytical person and it is the basis and foundation of my blog. As I thought about it more and more I realized that I couldn’t have picked a more perfect slogan or name. I am all of these words and more. I am real and raw. A authentic genuine broken unrefined young woman trying to find her way. Discover herself and maybe contribute to society in some way, a beautiful extraordinary way.