Life has been kicking my ass lately and not in a good way. Some people might be thinking, how can an ass kicking ever be good? Oh but it can! But this isn’t the “good” kind, it’s the “wake the hell up!!!” kind of ass kicking. I’m still without a job and it’s been six months now. A part of me is going insane while the other half is grateful for the time to reflect and figure out what I want from this life. I have been feeling tired yet restless watching time fly by while I feel like I accomplish nothing. 

Tonight on one of my long restless nights that I usually have when I have to wake up early the next morning, I was trolling social media. Scrolling through endless videos and photos on Instagram when I started reading different picture comments from the friends I follow. I screen shot my favs to post later or keep stored in my phone so I can read again. Then an idea hit me right up side my head! If I can’t create inspiration then I can just take it from others right? Yes I can and I will so here it is. My screenshot picture quotes from Instagram:

There it is ladies and gents, the quotes you love or hate or love to hate from my friends/ followers on Instagram. I credited all who posted even though they might not be the actual original author of the phrase or quote. Enjoy and spread the love by liking and/ or following these InstaFans that inspired the “uninspired”. 

This blog is dedicated to all who help make possible, myself @katbubblezz (the uninspired night owl and morning bird) to my InstaFans on Instagram: