A great way to stay warm during these cold winter days is cook a nice piece of meat. I am no vegetarian and this is not a veggie friendly recipe but it is simple and elegant, holiday broil. This is 1.5 lbs of London broil that I got from the market. First I prepared the marinate for the meat. I took sauce soy, Adobo spice, fresh pepper, sea salt, parsley leave flakes, hot sauce and mixed in small bowl. 

Then puncher the meat several times with a fork or spare like object so the marinate can soak inside the meat. I took a plastic container I got from left over Chinese one nigh coated the bottom with the marinate. Then put the meat on top and poured the rest of the marinate mix onto the meat evenly. I covered the meat and shuck lightly to make sure meat is entirely covered with marinate mix.

I put the meat in the fridge to soak in the marinate for 30 mins or longer if you like (don’t soak the meat longer then 24 hours in the fridge though). I soaked my piece of meat for about 45 mins. I preheated the broil about 10 mins before put the meat inside. 

I cooked the meat for about 12-15 mins on each side (this is all depended upon how rare or well you like your broil). I like mine rare to medium rare so mine came out kind of bloody, deliciously bloody!

Here you have it, a simple yet elegant holiday broil that you will have your family think your a professional chef who won the lottery. Yes, it is that good but be careful not to over cook this type of beef. It can get tough if you over cook and then it will be harder to chew and enjoy. Mine came out juicy and delicious with crispy ends, which is my favorite part to eat.

Try out this recipe and share how your experience turned out. Did you watch a holiday movie? Prepare Christmas lights? (Like I did). Wrap gifts? Write out holiday cards? Decorate the tree? Share your holiday meat recipe and the experience that went with it. Muncha!