Honestly I lost myself for a little while. Not writing, getting frustrated, fed up, and feeling uninspired. I really thought no one really cared about my blog or about my writing. Then something happened! Some one asked about my blog and why I haven’t been writing on it? I was at first confused, then happy, and lastly disappointed in myself for letting my negative feelings and emotions get the best of me.

 I need to stop feeling sorry and pity for myself and start doing and succeeding. It took a few more days of sorrow until I started to let positivity in. I started to peel away my sadness, defeat, and frustration and turned it into determination, self worth, and creativity. Peeling away the layers and layers of negativity like an onion and replacing it with positive thoughts and feelings. This inspired me to think of ways to get out of depression about your unemployment status. Here they are:
1. Don’t blame yourself because many people are in the same position as you
Go on social media sites, social events, and recruiting offices to find people like yourself (unemployed). Strike up a convo and maybe you can make a friend that you can relate to. You can motivate each other back into the work field and share tips and stories on interviews. 

2. Take a free class on something.
Look up what free classes you can take within your community or city. Whether you want to learn a new skill, create a new hobby, or just plain relax and center your mind. 

3. Use this opportunity to improve your health and get in shape.
Do some exercise in your living room, pop in that DVD or stream your favorite work out video. Have fun with it, go crazy, work up a sweat! Then make yourself a protein enriched smoothie while checking some job emails or applying for some jobs you have saved. Do this as a routine at least 3-5 days per week. Before you know it you will have a dream job with a dream figure to go with it.

I know it is hard out there but remember you are intelligent, qualified, and above all totally awesome!! Your resume rocks and anyone would be glad to set up an interview with you. Unemployment is only temporary and before you know it this will all be in the past. You will walk away from this learning something and growing as a person. I know I will when the time comes. 

“You can not have a positive life with a negative mind”Joyce Meyers