Delicious & Easy Meals, No Culinary School Needed

Since I have been home, broke, and bored I have been cooking a lot. Looking up quick, easy and delicious recipes from the ingredients I already have in the fridge or the cabinet. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and the most important (so they say), which I believe anyway. If you have bread and eggs that is all you really need to create a delicious, hardy, and protein enriched breakfast for yourself and your family. 

Over Easy Eggs with Toast

This is extremely simple yet delicious and hardy meal to cook up, and serve in a few minutes. You are guaranteed to have eggs and bread in the house, no matter how poor you are (I always do anyway). Pop two pieces of toast in the toaster, I like honey whole wheat. Then break up one or two eggs in a small bowl, depending on how hungry you are. Preheat skillet on stove for several seconds and lightly coat pan with butter or cooking spray (I like to use cooking spray). Carefully pour eggs from bowl into heated skillet. Cook on medium to low flame until you see egg whites set, then carefully flip egg over without disturbing yolk. Cook for 10 seconds then your eggs are down. Pop eggs on plate with buttered toast. Sprinkle eggs with sea salt and pepper for taste, I also like to add buffalo spice ketchup for a little kick. If you are lucky enough to have some ham or bacon then slap that on top too. Eat, savor, and enjoy before you start your day.

Over easy eggs with toast with and without ham

Spring Salad in Winter 
Now you are hungry again so time to cook up some lunch for yourself since you are too broke to order from that new Thai place down the block. You look in your kitchen and see what ingredients you have that you can cook something tasty and quick. Salad! Salad is delicious, healthy, and depending on what you dump on top of the lettuce, pretty damn tasty too! I cheated a bite by buying pre-packaged Romaine lettuce from the grocery store, which was on sale for $1.99. First I rinsed the lettuce off with cool water and strain. Then I tossed the lettuce in a large bowl, now time to have fun and add your toppings. This is what I added to my customized nutritious and refreshing salad:
1. Mixed nuts and dried fruits 

2. Grated cheese

3. Clementines (remove skin first)

4. Pinch of sea salt, fresh pepper, & basil 

5. A squeeze of lemon juice 

6. Oil and white vinegar 

7. Meat of your choice (optional)

Toss all toppings and ingredients together with lettuce in large mixing bowl. Cover up and pop in fridge for several minutes to chill. Serve in bowl with or without dressing and enjoy. This will be the quickest and most tasty salad you have ever had and it probably cost you $3.50 or less to make. It sure beats dropping $10 or more for a similar salad at the deli, right?

Me enjoying salad with cheese grin, delish!
Finished salad with and without dressing

Now it’s time for my favorite meal of the day, dinner! I have a few recipes I would like to share for dinner, some of them will take you some time but it is still super easy to make. 
Lemon Chicken Drumsticks with Veggies

First make sure chicken legs are completed defrosted from freezer and clean. Preheat oven to 425 degrees, coat pan or aluminum tray with cooking spray (I used aluminum tray for easier clean up time). Then prepare chicken by sprinkling spices of your choice, I used sea salt, fresh pepper, and lemon juice. Place drumsticks on tray and put a glob of butter on each drumstick (optional), this will give the chicken skin a crispy golden finish. Place drumsticks in oven (uncovered) for 60-90 mins or until chicken is fully cooked through and through. Steam veggies separate with butter, salt, and pepper. Enjoy together on plate by yourself or with family and friends. 

Finished drumsticks on plate, ready to be eaten with honey mustard dipping sauce.
Drumsticks cooking in oven.
Drumsticks close to being fully cooked, tender and juicy.
Raw drumsticks, seasoned and ready for oven.

Oven Roasted Turkey Wings
Same as chicken make sure turkey wings are completely defrosted and cleaned. Preheat oven to 400 degrees, then coat pan or aluminum tray with cooking spray and margarine generously. Prepare turkey wings by basting with melted butter and sprinkling with sea salt and pepper. Pop turkey wings in oven after the oven is nice and hot. This will cook for about 3-4 hours depending on size of turkey wings and oven power. I cooked two large turkey wings and it took about 3 1/2 hours for it to be fully cooked (like chicken turkey needs to be cooked thoroughly to avoid stomach sickness). Make sure to baste turkey wings with melted butter and/or turkey juices that drop off into the pan. 10 mins before turkey wings are finished, toss some frozen mixed veggies right into the turkey juice. This will cook up with the favors of the meat so no other spices or favoring will be needed. Serve on plate and enjoy.
Finished turkey wings and veggies on plate, ready to be eaten.
Veggies, gravy, and raw turkey wings basted with butter and seasonings.
Turkey wings and veggies cooking in oven. Don’t forget to baste turkey wings every 20 mins or so.

BBQ Style Pork Spare Ribs
Make sure meat is fully defrosted and cleaned. Take out one rack from the oven and coat generously with aluminum foil, also put one sheet of aluminum foil on bottom of oven rack to catch any meat juices that might fall during cooking. Preheat oven to 375 degrees, then prepare pork spare ribs. Coat aluminum foil covered rack with cooking spray, then place meat on top. Generously rub your favorite BBQ sauce on top and on the sides of the meat. I also added a generous squirt of buffalo style ketchup for a little kick of favor. Place rack of meat on the second to lowest place in oven closer to the flame. Cook meat 4-5 hours depending on meat size and oven power. Mine took about 4 hours to be fully cooked, crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. No need to flip or baste meat just keep an eye on meat juice drippings, fold over the aluminum foil on the sides the juice is dripping out if need be. Once meat is done, transfer to large plate for cutting. To easily see the separation of the pork rib bones flip over, then slice. Serve with veggies or by itself, enjoy!
BBQ style pork ribs and veggies done. Ready to be eaten.
Raw pork spare ribs on aluminum foil rack.
Pork spare ribs cooking in oven.
Near finished BBQ style pork spare ribs in oven.
Finished and sliced up BBQ spare ribs on large plate.
Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. Yums!

Now you are ready to prepare these easy meals for yourself and family. Look in your local super market to see what types of meats you can get on sale. This is how I usually plan my meals for the week. Chicken and turkey are best for lean protein, pork and beef should be consumed in moderation. Make sure to add plenty of veggies to any dish, it fills you up and nutritionally balances your carnivore friendly meal. Share some easy recipes ideas and don’t hesitate to try out mine. 
“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.”Julia Child 

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