15 Ways to Get Through Rough Times

1. Stop and face your emotions.

Feel what you need to feel. Whether it’s frustration, anger, sadness, sorrow, etc. Take time out from the day to let it out. You will feel much better afterwards. 

2. Voice your concerns. Rely on a higher power.

Talk about what is bothering you. Whether it’s to a friend, family member, coworker, counselor, and/ or God. It will give you some different perspective and make you feel a whole lot better hearing it out loud. 

3. Look at the glass half full.

Think positive and look on the brighter side of the situation always. Try your hardest to think of a positive spin, example: I lost my job but now I have time to work on me until I get a new better job! Do this everyday.

4. Take care of you.

Take time out to do something you truly enjoy. Whether it is mediation, exercise, reading, drawing, cooking, etc.Just take time out everyday and do it and be happy for that moment. 

5. Analyze the problem, is it really that bad?

Take a look at what is bothering you so bad. Is it worth your time and worry? Is it really worth the emotions you are feeling? Maybe it isn’t that bad. Maybe being late on your rent isn’t the end of the world? Losing a loved one is sad but if they were suffering, aren’t they better off? Analyze the different situation and problem solve. You will feel empowered. 

6. Let go of what you can’t control.

Seems simple but in reality one of the hardest things to do. You can’t control certain situations in life just like you can’t control a caterpillar from transforming into a butterfly. Eventually if the caterpillar is still living it will spin its cocoon and hibernate  until it is ready to fly away and live as a beautiful butterfly. Just let it go! 

7. Ask for help.

Suck up your pride and ask someone for some advice. It can’t hurt anymore then you already feel and you haven’t been doing the best job helping yourself lately. Ask your family, friend, religious advisor, neighbor, etc. They may help or just give you the good laugh you needed. Either way you feel better afterwards.

8. Keep away from toxic people.

You already feel bad going through whatever you are going through, the last thing you need right now is a “Debbie Downer” or a “Negative Nancy” in your life. Stay clear from these people for a while or forever if you can. Positive people create positivity and negative people create more problems and sadness.

9. Create balance through the body and mind.

Learn how to achieve this through the practice of mediation, yoga, and/or a hobby. 

10. Call the crisis to an end.

Enough is enough!  Crisis doesn’t last forever so the end is near and when it is you must realize it and embrace it. 

11. Analyze your situation as an outsider.

Look at your situation as an outsider looking in to gain different perspective. Example: Breaking up from a long term relationship or friendship, was it really for the best? Was this really out of your control? Is this all your fault? Re-evaluate without the emotional attachment like an outsider. This practice will surprise you!

12. Take action. Share you story too.

You aren’t alone in what you are going through or how you feel. Someone out in your community, state, country, and/or world knows what you are going through and can relate. Reach out to a support system by joining a group, writing a blog, and/ or volunteering somewhere. Open yourself up and you will be surprise the positive feedback you get.

13. Remember your difficult time does not define who you are.

This hurl you are jumping, thus bump in the road it doesn’t define who you are as a person. You are still you no matter what! After this is over and done with you will learn from this and grow into an even better person. Don’t be so hard on your spirit.

14. Healing takes time and everyone is different. 

Heal in your own time. You can’t really go by anyone else’s experience when it comes to healing time. Listen to your mind and body. Make sure to not fester in sorrow, pick yourself up little by little. 

15. Don’t give up.

Never ever give up!! Rewards come to those who work and don’t stop. When it seems impossible and you feel you can’t overcome your obstacles, don’t worry! The end is near and your rewards are too. 

I hope these little tricks and tips help you get through those tough times in life. Just remember what doesn’t kill you makes you strong! 

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