How many of you have ever been unemployed? 

I’m sure most of you have been unemployed sometime in your life. Whether you quite, got laid off, or even fired from your job we all have been in this tough spot one time or another and if you haven’t you will. Maybe you know someone going through this too like s family member or friend. Have you ever wondered what you are really missing at your job or just at work in general?

 We know exactly what we don’t miss but we never really thing about what we do miss besides the obvious, MONEY part. So I got to thinking and here is what I came up with, the ten things you are probably missing from not working:

1. Seeing the great outdoors.

Face it whether you like it or not you don’t leave your house everyday when you are unemployed. You venture out when you need something from the store or maybe to pick you kids up from school. When you are working, whether you want to or not, you have to go outside in rain or shine. Unless you are one of those people who have the opportunity to work from home, but most of us need to leave the comfort of our homes to an office or store. I miss this simple thing of just leaving the house everyday to go somewhere and to socialize with people. We always feel better when we are in a wide open space then a closed off room.

2. Eating breakfast and lunch out.

For most of us that work at an office or any job that you have to be up early or maybe even out most of the day meals are always take out. We end up eating breakfast and lunch out, not bringing from our home. We do this mostly to get out of our place of employment for a breather or maybe try that new pizza spot that opened up down the block. There is always some sort of mini adventure to be had. When you are unemployed eating inside becomes the norm because of convenience and tight budgets. It’s always fun to go out with a couple of coworkers and have a few laughs away from the work place.

3. Happy hour special.

My best work memories are going out with some of my close coworkers for a few drinks to let loose and connect on another level. Sometimes you actually end up friends and having those people there at work with you can make your time better in the office or store. Even if you work alone, but out of your home, you are bound to meet someone along the way. Don’t forget to put yourself out there and have an open mind and welcoming heart.

4. Office parties.

At my previous job we always had some kick ass parties at some pretty awesome bars around Manhattan. Cool locations, delicious free food and drink tickets that were used for free cocktails or beer. Plus we got out early most days the parties were held and got to meet coworkers from different floors and departments. Always conducting myself with poise yet creating some unforgettable memories.

5. Being involved in charities.

I am not sure about you but I give a lot more with the help of the companies I work for. Wherever you work there is always some sort of charity or organization to give back to the less fortunate then you. Plus you have the extra materials, food, clothes, and money to give out.  

6. Celebrating birthdays at the office but not yours.


I would get super excited every time someone in the office was celebrating their birthday because of birthday cake! I absolutely love birthday cake that is not mine because I get to enjoy it in peace without the embarrassment of being sung to in the middle of the work place. Especially when their was ice cream cake that’s my fav.

7. Sending and receiving funny office emails.

During the millions of mundane emails I would get at work each day you always receive those hilarious ones that make you forget about your long boring work day. Then you have an email war back in forth to see who comes up with the funniest responses and the most outrageous always wins.

8. Random chatter on smoke breaks or non smoke breaks.

Yes I know it’s an unhealthy habit but at my last job we use to have the most random fun conversations on our “smoke breaks”. Even the non smokers would join in the convos and bare the second hand smoke for a few minutes in exchange for some peace from the office stress. Good thing about not working is that  I smoke less when unemployed. I am not as stressed out and I don’t smoke in my apartment.

9. Office eye candy.

Being unemployed you aren’t around coworkers so you don’t get to see all the office “eye candy” walking around. You get to miss the little coffee breaks, flirts and smiles, or compliments on dress and taste. You can get to miss the little office dramas and gossip going around as long as it wasn’t about you. The little office romances going on like mini soap operas and you can’t get enough of.

10. Luxuries of extra money coming in.

There are so many luxuries that come with having extra money to throw around. Whether you choose to splurge on a fancy dinner, take care of the drink tap at the bar, or go away on vacation these things aren’t possible without a job. When you are unemployed there are no nights out unless a friend is kind enough to pay your way, no extra money to throw around at the bar, and no going away on vacation because vacations are expensive and that money needs to go towards bills piling up. 

As much as my job stresses me out, makes me get up five days out of the week, and forces me to socialize with other people. A job also keeps me on a healthy routine, makes my wallet fatter and stay that way, and helps grow my social circle. The pros out weigh the cons in the long run. Having a job is just way better then being unemployed. Unless you have a nice savings account or trust fund from Mommy and Daddy unemployment just plain “SUCKS”! Stay employed and be happy you have a job until you can save up for a nice retirement.