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Fashion Forward on a Broke Girl Budget

The worst thing about not having a job and living in the city that never sleeps (which just so happens to be the most fashion forward city in the country), which is New York City, of course!

I live in Brooklyn to be exact and the fashion trends don’t sleep even when your wallet is in a deep coma from not working steady for about 9 months now. I use to be a shopaholic with a job, before rent, utility bills, food, transportation cost, etc took over my life and hard earned money. When adulthood became a reality and not just a future worry.

From the first job I had in retail living with my parents and sister to my first “real job” in my early twenties which I thought would lead to a promising career, to just having “a job” so my parents and friends would think I am doing something in life and of course pay my bills too. Now I am a young adult only 30 years old in her own place, behind on some bills trying to stay afloat in a dark sea without a life vest attached to my weak body.

Ok enough is enough I am going to hold my head up high think positive and “out of the box” because I can still look fashion forward on a budget (or no budget) when in turn lifting my self esteem so I can land that ultra amazing super “can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning” kind of job that I get paid a fair and decent salary. Sounds to good to be true especially in this unforgiving city that is growing more and more unfamiliar as the days go by. As I continue my journey of endless commuting to hopeless interviews that I don’t receive call backs from, I notice fabulous fashion trends around the city. A lot of 80’s and 90’s styles coming back to life. Reminds me of my childhood and how simple life was back then.

Here is how to recreate some of the trendiest styles you see on the city streets on a Bk broke girl friendly budget:

1. Flower Power & Colorful Strips
Look in your draws and wardrobe, find a colorful patterned pant (can be flowers or strips) pair that with a solid neutral colored T, and patterned thin Spring scarf. You can wear ballet flats, heels, or sneakers with this look depending on where you are going. Super upbeat, colorful, and trendy for the Spring season.

Estimated cost is free or as little as $20.

2. Funny T with Jeans
Again search your room or raid the nearest discounts/ thrift store for a humorous T. I have quite a few in my draw that say: “Got Cocktails?”, Save the Drama for the Llama, and “Cat Person” just to name a few. Make sure to not pick something insulting or inappropriate, be mindful about where you are wearing this shirt. Pair with skinny jeans or loose fitting ripped jeans, sneakers or heels with a cap. Relaxing, trendy, and hilarious all in one outfit.
Estimated cost is free or as little as $35, depending on what you don’t have already.

3. Show those Legs Off
Every girl has a dress or skirt in their closet that you only wear once or not at all, deep in the corner of the closet where you never go. Time to break out that impulse buy you got over and never got around to giving away to a friend or the Salvation Army. Whether it is that loud colorful dress, puffy long skirt, or thin skin tight pencil skirt. Wear with pride and confidence, pair with loose solid button down, ballet flat or heels, with a pastel spring colored purse. You look Easter egg pretty and ready to go walk in the park or out to brunch with some friends.
Estimated cost is free or as little as $25.

These are some easy looks you can play around with and make your own. Mix and match with different colors and a accessories from what you already have to what you can get at a discounted price in your neighborhood or online. You can never take the fashionista out of the girl even if she is broke as hell! Let me know how your fashion hunt went and the experience to go with it. We “broke girls” have to stick together for a few laughs and some sound fashion advice (winky face).

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