Pride makes you smile when eyes are on you, putting on a grand show.
It makes the little voice in your head whisper, “Everything will be fine” even though things seem to be all messed up.
It makes you stand up tall when you rather lay in bed, talk when you rather stay quiet, look for something that you rather not find.
Pride clouds the clear path and makes it unfamiliar as it clouds the head with false justifications. Dwells on things that should be put to bed.
It makes vanity look appealing and glorifies reputation. Important things seem to slip into the “unimportant” file and pleasure seeking takes over.
Try to save face and seem normal to a world that you struggle so hard to fit in place. A world that seems to be failing you as you fail it.
Pride is a powerful thing however is it important? Is this what defines you? I think so. 
Can we go on without a care? I think so.
However I am unsure that we can with PRIDE in the way.