Flower bonnets, fluffy dresses, frilly socks, and buckled shoes.

Church bells ring, people hurry, murmured voices with flower gardens a bloom. 

Laughing children, tapping noises, dewy grass hiding colored eggs, candy, and toys.  

Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy!

Slaughtered meat cooking in oven and Easter specials on the tube.      

Remember the sacrifice Christ has made, the blood, tears, sweat, and pain. 

Reflect, mourn, rejoice, and sing, “Lord I am here! Here to praise again”.        

Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!

Purple fields, cotton clouds, and white golden sun. 

Chirps of birds, purrs of cats, and howls of dogs, waiting for their scraps of Easter meat and a shady spot near a tree.

White bunny hop, deliver my treat. make the magic of Easter come back alive again, like when I was a small child.

Yes! Rejoice! Yes! Yes! Yes!