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Sia Train Talent

On this Summer like sunny day in New York City I was stuck underground riding the Q train when entertainment boarded my cart. A young male with an acoustic guitar and two young beautiful ladies followed behind as they made their way to the center of the subway cart. When they got to the center the man with the guitar made a brief announcement that I didn’t quite make out over the loud train noise, but then he started playing the guitar and the two ladies and young man started singing. They were singing “Chandelier” by Sia beautifully, even over the loud roar of the train pushing along its route full speed ahead. I listen for a few seconds then I fumble in my purse for my phone to take a video.

See video HERE
People from the train cart watch the mini performance going on and when the young musicians and vocalists were done some are kind enough to donate a dollar, but no one claps are acts excited because seeing and hearing subway performances are a part of the normal routine in NYC. I enjoyed the little performance on the subway cart in the middle of this sunny afternoon. If you ride the subway carts in your city please pay attention to those talented people out there trying to make it and share your story and/ or experience. Support art and passion always and enjoy the simple little things that can happen in life.

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