On my way back home from another job interview, in the New York City subway a group of elderly gentlemen were mingling with people, smiles on face from ear to ear. Then suddenly one man started humming and another man starts singing, “Ooooooo” as the third man starts singing. They were singing an old doo-wop style song, “that’s the sound of the man working on the train…”, perfect timing as the train roared into the station and people scattered everywhere. In the mist of the chaos and sea of natural sounds, song, and people I managed to capture a quick video of the harmonizing trio. Check it out below:

I was so amazed and surprised to hear this talent at the train station and these men put many smiles on grim New York City faces in the middle of the work week. Please appreciate art and talent whenever and wherever you see it, even in the middle of a loud chaotic city subway station.