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Weekend Wednesday

Happy rainy gloomy Wednesday everyone! After you are done watching these two rough and raw video clips I captured it will sure get your morning off to a brighter start. These videos will get you off to work in a great mood especially if you like music and dancing. I was riding the NYC Subway on two different days, so I took out my phone and captured these two quick video clips. One video is of two young men dancing on the West 4th train platform in Manhattan, while another video is a cool guitar instrumental underneath the Q train subway station in Brooklyn by an old school rocker dude. Both videos very unique and artistic in their own way plus I added some cool filters. Enjoy!

Dancing Guys

Rocker Guy

Both artists talented in their own way and don’t let the rainy wet weather dampen their day, so neither should you! I hope this small slice of “weekend” in the middle of your workweek had you thinking some happy thoughts. Remember rainy weather in Spring isn’t so bad because it does bring nice big green leaves and lots of colorful flowers. See if you can capture some talented people on your way to work today and please share. Enjoy your weekend Wednesday, a few more days until the real weekend.

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