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Night Run in Brooklyn

Crazy neon costumes, black light paint, and millions of glow sticks is what you will need for this fun run or walk for a great cause. The World’s 1st EDM music festival combined with a 5k run mixed in with fun sites to see along the way. Fun for all ages and safety looked like it was a huge priority at this charity event for Stand Up to Cancer to support innovative research needed to fight the disease.

My friends and I signed up for the Night Run a month beforehand scoring the early bird ticket special for $29.99. It was held this past Saturday, June 9th at Aviator Sports and Events Center located at 3159 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. The gates opened at 5:30p and the pre-party started at 7pm with the race following at 8:30p which is also known as the first way. During the first wave there are live DJ’s, giveaways, and interactive light shows with other waves and surprises to follow for the late comers. The different stages or waves of the 5k course had live DJ’s with selfie stations who encourage you to stop and dance while taking pics along the way. The entire race took my friends and I about an hour and we took our time walking not running through it.

After you finish the race and cross the finish line you hit the Main Stage After Party. The after party had live DJ’s playing the best EDM music with bubbles, oversized glitter beach balls bouncing around, and glow sticks tossed out to the crowd. I had an oversized glitter ball tossed on my head a few times as people dodged to spike it back into the air but it was all in fun. The whole experience was fun and helped rise money for Cancer research.

The only thing that I didn’t love was the whole drink and food ticket buying situation. They made you buy prepaid tickets to get food and drinks after the race but this whole concept was all wrong. Workers gave misleading information about ticket prices and ran out of some things that were already prepaid for, this is a recipe for unhappy racers and EDM enthusiasts. People settled for beer in replace of the cocktails they were suppose to get and the food wasn’t great either. If this race was BYOB with ticket purchasing for food this would have been a much better concept and less time waiting on long lines for one drink.

Despite the food and drink drama I would definitely participate in the Night Run next year if it is held. The location was perfect with plenty of room for the thousands who showed up for the event. Make sure you check out the website and do an early sign up to save huge on ticket prices. Please share a cool run and/ or charity you participated in. Have fun while raising money for research that is truly needed.

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