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My Mom Quit Smoking Cigarettes After 48 Years!

Yes it is true! My Mom did quit smoking, even though she starting 48 years earlier when she was a young teenager. Now she is 150 days smoke free so far and counting, which is a huge accomplishment. She has her ups and downs, good and bad days but she keeps on praying for strength. God hears her prays and gives her strength to NOT smoke another day. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and eventually months will turn into years!

My Mom’s name is Margaret Reilly Vitrano and she use to be a pack a day smoker, then it turned into a half a pack, eventually it was a few cigarettes, then it was none. She had numerous health scares which pushed her into never smoking again. Plus the help and encouragement from family and friends. Even social media sites like Facebook can lend support when times get rough and the days seem longer. Numerous pages on Facebook bring people together to show support and encouragement to one another. One specific group my Mom is apart of on Facebook is “Quit Smoking Support #1”. This group helped her communicate the struggles and achievements to others who are going through the same thing.

The more days that passed and I watched my Mom go through her emotional struggle with quitting cigarettes, the more I knew her story would and could inspire others. Here are some questions and answers from my Mom, Margie below:

Q: Why did you start smoking?

A: My friends were smoking, so I wanted to try it.

Q: What made you quit smoking after 48 years?

A: I was very sick and got scared! I was told by my doctor I had to quit to get well, so I did.

Q: How did you quit?

A: I used a Nicotine pack called NicoDerm for 8 weeks. After those were done it was strength, will power, and determination getting me by.

Q: What is the biggest struggle you face everyday?

A: Not smoking when I am stressed out is a big one! I have to think of more positive things to deal with stress and that’s a struggle for me.

Q: What support system to you have?

A: I have websites I go to for support from other quitters, plus my family and friends. I especially would like to thank my daughters who always encouraged me to keep going.

Q: What advice do you have for other people trying to quit?

A: Anyone can do it if you have the right mindset! Also if you have health issues or other things going on that push you the decision is easy just the journey is difficult. Never cave into those cravings too.

Q: What is one myth about quitting that you want to debunk?

A: From my experience my body and skin got better and I didn’t gain a lot of weight which most people think. I got compliments on my looks and people starting noticing even before I did. Anyone is strong enough to do this! Just need to want to and I finally did.

Margie is stilling going on her journey like many others are too. She is truly a great Mom and an inspiration to other people out there who think they can’t quit smoking when in fact, YES THEY CAN! I quit too after 13 years of smoking myself and so did my Dad. My family and I are smoke free and going strong.

Please share an inspiring story of your own in the comments and I hope you enjoyed the story of my Mom, who is amazing and is loved very much.

2 thoughts on “My Mom Quit Smoking Cigarettes After 48 Years!”

  1. that was very nice Catherine and I hope other people will be inspired to quit too. It’s the best and the hardest thing I have ever done and I love you for being proud of me and for all your help. Thank-you

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