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Brooklyn Takes Over Manhattan: Murder by the Mob

Ay forgettaboutit or you’ll be sleepin with da fishes! Talk during this fun and interactive comedic show, this is what will happen to you.

A group of us went to enjoy the show for my friend’s Birthday, “Murder by the Mob” located on West 38 Street in New York City to enjoy some dinner, drinks, and a fantastic broadway murder mystery show. All the actors were incredible and really got the audience involved in the show. My friends and I sat by the mother of the murdered Mobster, Rosella who loved her red wine and flared up temper.

The show was so much fun and the crowd really got into it. In the middle of the food and the play, a DJ was played and encouraged the audience to get up to dance. A fantastic idea to do with a big group of people or a fun ice breaker on a first date. Halloween is coming this might be a fun thing to do before hitting the parade or the bars.

Go HERE, for more information and tickets to see Murder by the Mob. Share your experience if you already went and please no spoiler alerts, don’t want to tell people who the murder will be.

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