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Music is Where the Soul Lives

Music is the most powerful force of energy on this earth! Just the type of music you listen to everyday can affect so much. It can affect your mood, actions, thoughts, attitude, and much more. How many times a day do you listen to music? I would guess probably at least 5 times a day or more. While you commute to work, at work, working out, driving in the car, walking, practically everywhere you go. So what do you love to listen to? How does that music affect you every day?

The only type of music I listen to now is Jesus music! Yes good and empowering Christian music and I have not looked back. My soul literally craves it and it gets me going and on the right track for the entire day. Does your music do that? I use to be one of those people who listened to hip hop and rap music all day everyday and I was just so angry. Don’t get me wrong I can go for a good Tupac, Eminem, or Biggie song every now and then but the difference is that now it doesn’t consume my soul. Jesus has taken their place and filled me up with love!

Here are some of my favorite Christian songs: listen to one each and every morning and see the effect it has on you and the people around you every day!

Jesus I Believe

Dream Small

Count Every Blessing


This is just a few of my favorite Christian songs that inspire and makes me think about and love Jesus even more every day. Start changing your music habits and try to fit Jesus music in between your angry hip hop and rock music. Replace anger with love and feel the difference it makes in your day.

If you already are a Christian music lover please share your favorite song in the comments or your favorite radio station. My favorite Christian radio station is K-love. My favorite Christian song is Amazing Grace.

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