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Give Back this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday in which we remember and honor the men and women who have died protecting our country in the United States serve. Most of us know what the holiday is about, however, we use it as a day to celebrate the beginning of summer with neighbors, family, and friends. Whether we celebrate the whole weekend by going away, go to the beach, or throw a BBQ with lots of food. How many of us really focus on our veterans and try to give back?

Let’s start a new tradition if you haven’t done so already and give back to those in need, instead of looking for an excuse to get drunk or eat too much. Here are some things you can do this Memorial Day weekend for others who might need your help or companionship for the day:

1. Visit a Nursing Home

There are many veterans and other lonely elderly people in nursing homes around the United States that can use your services. Whether you just keep them company for a few hours and listen to the fascinating stories of their past experiences, play a game, or just share a nice meal with them. Anything that you can do for our forgotten grandmas and grandpas will be such an amazing contribution and it really doesn’t take much but your time. Here is a home you can find a nursing home in your area, just call them up and see when you can visit someone who can use the company.

2. Donate Money, Food, and/ or Clothing to Charity

Find an organization that needs your support this Memorial Day in your community. You can go to your local church, school, city hall, homeless shelter, you name it. Even check out your local police station or firehouse to see how you can help out in any way. People are always looking for others to donate. Whatever you can do or give so other people who are you need can benefit would be a great help to your community. Here is how to find some charities that need your help.

3. Head to a Museum to Find Out More History about Memorial Day and Bring Kids Along to Educate Them

Plan a trip to a museum where you can learn more about the history of America and the military. This is a great time to learn the history that you may or may not have known plus bring some kids along so they can get educated too. This is still a fun way to celebrate Memorial Day without the drunken drama or getting a tummy ache from eating way too much BBQ. Pick a nice spot outside after your done where you can have a picnic and chat about what you have learned and what your favorite part of the museum was. Memorial Day Museum in New York

‘And they shall be as mighty men, treading down their enemies in the mire of the streets in the battle; and they shall fight, because Jehovah is with them; and the riders on horses shall be confounded. ‘ Zechariah 10:5

Please share any other ideas that you have to celebrate Memorial Day or anything you have done in the past so others may get inspired by your story. I would also like to hear from any veterans as well, please feel free to share your story in the comments below.

God bless you all.

Credit: Verses about Heroes, 5 Ways to Make a Difference on Memorial Day

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