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Dream today for tomorrow,

Leave the past behind.

Don’t let the enemy instill sorrow,

Leave the past behind.

Let your imagination run wild,

While you leave the past behind;

Think as if you’re still a little, innocent child,

Still leaving the past behind. 

Never let regrets or unfilled dreams get you down,

While you leave the past behind;

Hold your head high and wear that crown,

Leave the past behind.

Your future is bright but lives in the present,

Always leaving the past behind!

I’m guilty of dwelling on the past and harping on unfilled dreams which fester into huge regrets! I hope this short poem inspires you to live your life and NEVER let your past get you down! We all have felt this way one time or another and if you haven’t yet then you will. Please share some encouraging words in the comments below.

“A glad heart maketh a cheerful countenance; But by sorrow of heart the spirit is broken”.  Proverbs 15:13 

God bless you all!

Credit: Bible Verses about Regret 

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