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Breast Cancer Walk: Brooklyn Bleeds Pink!

Brooklyn bled pink this Sunday on October 20th, 2019 at the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk in Coney Island! There were thousands of people that came out to show their support to find a cure for this disease that claimed the lives of so many to make sure more lives are saved for our future women. One strong and courageous woman, in particular, is Tiffany Tomasello, who is a wife, mother, and breast, cancer survivor! She was the reason we all donated and walked Sunday with many friends and family members. I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany and her family for the first time on the morning of the walk. She is a beautiful woman who lite up that gloomy Sunday morning with an array of sunshine and positivity.

Team Tiff with Tiffany in the center.
Addison (daughter) and Tiffany Tomasello (survivor)
Team Tiff ladies before the walk.

We all arrived around 8:30 am in the parking lot of MCU Park to have some coffee and breakfast while putting on our team shirts, which read “She Kicked Ass”, Tiffany who wore “I Kicked Ass”, and her little daughter Addison was super cute and she had a special shirt which read “Most people never meet their hero, I’m being raised by mine”. I was so happy to be a part of this group of people who all came together to celebrate the love they all have for Tiffany. After everyone was done eating and getting ready we all proceeded to the start of the walk on the boardwalk at 10 am and the excitement could not be contained by anyone. It was fantastic to see all these wonderful people in one place fighting the same cause, to find a cure once and for all for breast cancer!

Team Tiff and the family.
Team Tiff ready to go!
Kim & Carla cancer survivors.

We walked for as long as we possibly could while taking many photos to capture every moment. The walk went all the way down the boardwalk with encouragement along the way by high school cheerleaders, who chanted “Never give up!”. Even though the weather was cloudy from the start the rain never came and it was unseasonably warm for this time of year, the perfect weather for the walk. Tiffany Tomasello, Thomas Tomasello (her husband), and Addison Tomasello (daughter) all are the perfect example of what positivity and love can do within a strong family. It can spark encouragement for others who are still facing their battle to NEVER GIVE UP even on those really hard days when you feel like you should. Tiffany didn’t give up and it was amazing to be there to help her walk for a cure and to celebrate life!

Let us not wait until October to donate towards the fight for life! Team Tiffany raised over $1,500 exceeding her goal of $1,000. You can donate HERE  year-round. Let’s not stop until a cure is found!

Tiffany & Addison
The Tomasello Family!
Team Tiff after the walk.

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