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Memories of 2019

My sis (Victoria), my niece (Rosemary), and Me (Catherine)
The first time I met my niece (Rosemary)
My niece came to Brooklyn with my sis and bro-in-law (Ray) from North Carolina
Girls game night!!!
Fun with friends!
So silly! Memories!!
Visited my niece in North Carolina! Cutie pie
Road trip to my sister’s house!!
Happy grandma in North Carolina with Rosemary her first grandchild!
Me and my baby!
S’mores by the fire!
All dressed up!!
My bday surprise with my baby!
Surprise bday dinner!!
All my friends made me feel so special on my bday this year!!
Bday after party at La Vue!! With my ladies!
Me (Catherine) and my friend (Samantha) beauties!!
Rosemary’s first Christmas with Santa!!
Rosemary’s first Christmas!!
My sister and her daughter on Christmas in their new house!!
Christmas time in NYC!!
Ladies pic!! Christmas party with my girls!!
The whole gang at my friend (Mari and Rob’s) house!! Fun game night!!
Me and my Mommy!!
I got engaged!!
We got married!! Dec 27, 2019 to my love!
Me and my husband (John) our wedding day!
Me and my husband brunch at our favorite restaurant!
Me and my family on my wedding day! So perfect!
So happy and blessed!!
Guys pic! At La Vue! Celebrating!!

Me and my best girls (Jessica and Samantha)

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