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Hello, After One Year :)

It has been one year since I have posted or even looked at anything on my blog website. Since then, so happy to be feeling the love from a few readers that still give my page a gander or a look-see. A very special shout out to those fellow bloggers and readers for the support you know who you are! It just goes to show you even in uncertain and very scary times we can all still support, help, and love one another.

Now last year (2020) is done! Thank God for that, was one of the best yet worst years of my young life with a lot of roller-coaster ups and downs. I was just starting new “married” life in a new state with my husband, and I took my Mom along for the ride. My family and I experienced a lot of financial and health uncertainties that many others faced as well. One thing that was nice to see throughout this chaotic year of pandemic, electoral madness, life restrictions that many of us have never faced before were people coming together to help one another out. I did witness a lot of kindness around me. I have to say it might have to do with the move from up north to down south which is a bit of a culture shock in itself (in a good way).

My faith has gotten stronger yet a little rocky at the same time. I miss my church back in Brooklyn and longing to feel that connection in my new home state. God has taught me in times of trouble the only thing you can honestly do is pray and wait. Pray for you, your family, friends, neighbors, the people affected by the pandemic, the innocent people that get killed every day. A prayer for strength, patience, and hope in a time where we all need it the most. Patience is a huge one for me! I need the patience to deal with others and to wait for life to get back to normal which it’s starting to get there a little more each day in 2021.

One year later and a lot has happened! Both amazing and horrible, both good and evil. One thing I know for sure I have to get back into the things that I love the most and be around people who have my back and make me feel alive at the same time. My family is amazing and my friends are the best. I’m honestly super blessed and grateful every day for what I do have: Health, Happiness, Faith, Hope, and most importantly LOVE.

May God bless you all!

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Take Courage

Being fearful isn’t a way to live this life.

Afraid of the world, death, being cut by a sharp knife.

Having courage is the right and true way to be.

One day everyone will worship and be free as each one takes a knee.

Waking up everyday is a battle.

My Lord, my God how he seeks us like sheep in His cattle.

Something told me to write down my thoughts get them out of my head.

This is essential to a well rested night in bed.

Psalms 31:24

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Never Let the Lies Get You Down!

I have been in hiding not because I am ashamed or did anything wrong. It is because I let the lies of the enemy get to me! I let it get to my mind and my spirit which affected me negatively so I had to step away. I had to step away from my passion for spreading “the Word” and from not losing myself once again.

Most days were spent reading scriptures and sharing with others that it might help. I know when I am having a tough day and start feeling lost, angry, or depressed looking to Jesus for comfort NEVER let me down! The joy surrounds me and I know in time everything will be OK because God got this! I don’t get this but He does and I know that is TRUTH.

The enemy can try to but doubt and questions in my mind but it only makes me want to seek Him more. Get to know Jesus better not to hide or shy away from Him. I only shy away from people and that’s not the answer either. The answer is carrying my cross and spreading “the Word” to people through faith, understanding, and most importantly LOVE.

I’m breaking out of my fear and starting something NEW, fresh, and most of all something positive. The positivity of Jesus and the overwhelming joy He can bring to ANYONE’s life that puts their faith in Him.

This blog is OLD and I’m starting a NEW so stay tuned if you follow to my brand new re-vamped creation.

Thank you to all for your love and support through my blogging journey.


But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33 ASV