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Re-Blog: The Art of Giving from the Heart

This blog post touched my heart so much I had to re-blog it on my own website. Feel free to read this over and over again this kind of thinking will NEVER get old but unfortunately in TODAY’S society is becoming exist. Read and enjoy it on “Deep Tuesdays” blogging website.

The Art of Giving from the Heart

God bless you all.

I ❤️ JC, Raw Poetry


Run, run, run and play,
Make sure it’s a nice n’ sunny day!
Laugh, skip, jump, and fall,
Pick yourself back up, yes! Have a ball!
Being a child is all fun and games,
Why did we trade this in for adult worries and shame?
Don’t forget to let your hair down,
Hold your head high, put on that crown!
Enjoy your life with love and peace,
Spread it around without wrinkling a crease.
Play like a child and laugh like there is no tomorrow.
Running with joy with no care or sorrow;
How did we forget how to crack a smile?
Why do we try to walk alone down this long mile?
Never fret or make a huge fuss,
Because we know Jesus is there to catch us.