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Re-Blog: The Art of Giving from the Heart

This blog post touched my heart so much I had to re-blog it on my own website. Feel free to read this over and over again this kind of thinking will NEVER get old but unfortunately in TODAY’S society is becoming exist. Read and enjoy it on “Deep Tuesdays” blogging website.

The Art of Giving from the Heart

God bless you all.

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Re-blog: Be Still and Know I am God!

This blog post by “Momentary Lapse of Sanity” has so much truth I had to re-blog! Praise God always for His wisdom, love, kindness, mercy, and grace.

Amen 🙏🏻

Raw Poetry


Words to feed the soul;

Giving excitement life to something that seemed dead.

Don’t have to make sense.

Don’t have to rhythm, just give the time!

Put words on the screen or page,

Never throwing any shade!

Write something that acts like a mother’s warm embrace.

Write a poem that’s all your own!

Just let Jesus guides you and you can make a difference for someone that finds you.

“I can do all things in him that strengtheneth me.”

Philippians 4:13 ASV

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From Brooklyn to North Carolina

One of my MAIN goals is to travel more! Traveling is freedom. Freedom to go anywhere to do anything you want. Since I don’t get to travel nearly as much as I dream too yet! I will share some inspirational travel stories from others. Here are photos from a driving trip from Brooklyn, N.Y. to Charlotte, N.C:

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Adventures are life and once you grasp that you can’t get away for it!

‘Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and will show the great things, and difficult, which thou knowest not. ‘ Jeremiah 33:3
‘I can do all things in him that strengtheneth me. I know how to be abased, and I know also how to abound: in everything and in all things have I learned the secret both to be filled and to be hungry, both to abound and to be in want. ‘ Philippians 4:12-13

Credit: photographer, Bible Scriptures about Adventure


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Writing Something with Purpose?

I haven’t written or shared my thoughts with anyone on my blog website in a while, which seems a lot longer than it has actually been. My pieces have always been mixed, trying to figure out what my voice is and who I am as a writer. I skipped the whole Christmas hype and didn’t share some of cliché Christmas types of pieces. I had a few written down but never got around to publishing any of them. I want to start to discover then write down my feeling, then embrace the changes that come over me.
I don’t really have a New Year’s Resolution because I never seem to make one up. This happens each and every year. I see them everywhere; which are the most common ones: losing weight, getting healthier, getting a job promotion, maybe to get married, and have a family. Some of the resolutions can be realistic while others seem so far fetched that it’s almost laughable. Maybe the reason I never think of a New Year’s Resolution is I’m afraid to get it wrong or fail and disappoint myself or others. Nevertheless 2019 are here and I want to make it better!
I’m going on this journey and I’m not sure where it will take me but it’s too good not to follow where the bread crumbs will lead. Maybe to the most wonderful place anyone has ever known or maybe somewhere I never expected to go. All I know it that this is out of my control and I’m sub-missing myself to the most powerful force I have ever know, Jesus Christ! My Lord and My Savior!
Please follow me and my many thoughts and be a part of my journey, comment some encouraging words or even if you think I’m insane! I want to hear it all the good, bad, and ugly. I needed to share where my head is at right now and where I want my place to be when I leave this earth a long time from now. In heaven with the Almighty God! Peace be with you 🙏🏻

Bible Plan: Revive Your Dreams

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Why water fast?

“The less energy blocks you have the more connected you are to beauty”…. My favorite quote of this post and very informative as well. Open up your mind, body, and soul to the purest and most life giving thing on earth, water. Thank you sarahcampbellblog for sharing.



Hello beauties! I want to devote this blog post to my recent journey into water fasting; as I received a lot of back lash and hesitation from friends and family before and during my venture. I am absolutely fascinated by all natural modes of healing; the human body has got to be the most beautiful and awe inspiring thing to me, especially as I delve deeper into my studies in nutrition. Fasting is probably one of the most amazing and potent modes of healing the body, I was absolutely enthralled with all the information I found when doing my research on the topic; as it is the most beneficial thing for mind, body and spirit. Nutrition and spirituality are the two most important aspects in my life and I am always striving to become centered in both of those aspects; so when I got to learning about how fasting greatly…

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