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Dark Spring Night

Deep dark blue sky of the spring night.

Deep dark blue sky keeping out the light.

Deep dark blue sky a magnificent sight.

Deep dark spring sky with twinkling stars.

Deep dark spring sky, midnight tree bars.

Deep dark spring sky showing constellation in the shape of cars.

Deep dark silent cool breeze.

Deep dark night be at ease.

Deep dark environment do what you please.

Deep dark spring sky swallows me whole.

Deep dark spring sky definitely knows its role.

Deep dark spring sky sleepless nights is what you stole.

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Not So Sunny Saturday

I see the sun shining bright, yet my mind is filled with darkened clouds

like the coming of a winter storm.

I hear laughter of children from my room while a faint smile comes to my lips

like a gleamer of happiness eager to be seen.

I smell the scent of fresh flowers dancing in the warm Spring air but my stomach sickens with worry and despair

like a dark ugly spot that never gets better.

I feel the warm soft fur of my babies face and the purring soothes me so sweet

like a child’s nighttime lullaby.

I know this Saturday was not the best day for me but other better ones will come

like a calming energy waiting to be filled with joy.

I pray for better sunny warm days that my family and I can rejoice

like a starving creature who finally finds a hardy meal.

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Springtime Revelation

Spring is a time of renewal. Spring is a time for reflection. Reflection of the mind, body, and spirit with yourself and loved ones. A time to reinvent something or someone, to be reborn into a better person and state of being. My life like most isn’t exactly going according to my plan and it is hard to keep positive and stay strong through the really tough times, like being out of work again and living back at home with Mom at 31 years old.

Age has always meant a great deal to me in my life and I didn’t see myself at this place in my life at this age but everything happens for a reason. I’m not married, no kids, and no career prospects in the near further so to me I accomplished nothing very great so far. I look in the mirror and I see a pretty girl turned woman and grow up waiting to burst out into her own and do something worth some meaning. Ready and willing to become the person I know in my heart I can be and to stop being so fearful of everything.

Little did I know my very existence is a miracle to the people who loves and cares for me like my family and friends. People who care show how much they do at the very right times and it makes you think a whole different prospective. One day I was feeling particularly depressed and down on myself so with tears in my eyes I sought to seek comfort from my mom who was watching TV on the couch. She told me that she knows I am going through hard times now but to not worry that everything will work out. She said she knows that I miss my own apartment that I had but she loves having me live with her again. She said I give her purpose and it is better then being alone. For that moment I looked into my mom’s eyes and realized I wasn’t a loser or a burden to her like I originally thought. She likes having me there, doing my laundry , cooking while asking me about my day and questioning me when I go out as if I’m sixteen again. This is not what my mom and I had planned for our future but this is our present and we are both reflecting, renewing, and making the best of things.

My goals for right now are to wake up everyday with a gleamer of hope for a better day and to be the best I can be for me. This is my life and what I do is a reflection of me and the people who care. Spring is just beginning and there is plenty of time for renewal and happiness. A time to look forward to sunny warm days and to live in the present yet plan for an amazing bright future. This is my Spring revelation not quite complete but just beginning.

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My Easter Poem

Flower bonnets, fluffy dresses, frilly socks, and buckled shoes.

Church bells ring, people hurry, murmured voices with flower gardens a bloom. 

Laughing children, tapping noises, dewy grass hiding colored eggs, candy, and toys.  

Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy!

Slaughtered meat cooking in oven and Easter specials on the tube.      

Remember the sacrifice Christ has made, the blood, tears, sweat, and pain. 

Reflect, mourn, rejoice, and sing, “Lord I am here! Here to praise again”.        

Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!

Purple fields, cotton clouds, and white golden sun. 

Chirps of birds, purrs of cats, and howls of dogs, waiting for their scraps of Easter meat and a shady spot near a tree.

White bunny hop, deliver my treat. make the magic of Easter come back alive again, like when I was a small child.

Yes! Rejoice! Yes! Yes! Yes! 


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Fun Easter Fashion

Here is some fun Easter Sunday Fashion for all to enjoy. The tall tale sign that Spring is here and life can bloom once again after this bitter frost we endured. Love sunshine, flowers, decorated eggs, soft bunnies, and sweet treats. Even the religious meaning of this special day is a sign of sacrifice and renewal. Whatever you celebrate or believe make sure you spend the day with people who you love and love you back the same. It’s not what you have, it’s who you spend special days with. 




Enjoy the day and spread the love of fashion with family and friends as you stuff yourselves with the treats of the season. Bonnets are dead and bunny ears are in. The higher the better 🐰.

Bunny Ears 

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Seasons of Change

Just as the earth goes through seasons, so does a family in the course of time endure seasons. Marriage, falling in love, and the birth of a child are times of renewal like Spring 🌻. Long pleasant periods of calm that some families are blessed to have are like the feeling of an endless Summer β˜€. As we and our children grow older. Our life’s start to change and we experience Autumn πŸ‚πŸ. This may seem like dying but it is only really sign of a new phase of life. The times of crisis and hardship, are times for the family to stay closer together. Help each other out and endure what are sometimes the frigid wind of change. This period is akin to Winter ⛄️. Life is full of seasons and changes which are best experienced with the support of family and friends.