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Re-Blog: The Art of Giving from the Heart

This blog post touched my heart so much I had to re-blog it on my own website. Feel free to read this over and over again this kind of thinking will NEVER get old but unfortunately in TODAY’S society is becoming exist. Read and enjoy it on “Deep Tuesdays” blogging website.

The Art of Giving from the Heart

God bless you all.

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Things I Realized at 30 That I Didn’t at 29

Reflection is a HUGE part of growing up and getting older and we all do this. We find (or at least me), ourselves “reflecting” more and more as the years go by especially if you are not at the place you thought you would be at the age you are now. For example I pictured myself married, starting a fab career, with a nice car, and maybe a house or at least something I “own” by 30 and I don’t have any of these things. I am unemployed, with a small apartment (rented), no car, and no husband or kids; living and stuck in one of the most expensive, ruthless, and competitive city in the country and maybe the world. Yes I know you know but I will say it again, New York City! 

Trying to keep positive vibes, stay focused, and not get frustrated so I think and reflect. These are things I realized at 30 years old that I didn’t at 29: 
1. Hard work is underrated and under-rewarded. 

2. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you will get it.

3. Persistence is key.

4. Common courtesy goes a long way.

5. Change can be good or just HORRIBLY wrong!
6. Birthdays aren’t going to be fun anymore and this is the year you will start lying about your age.

7. You will start keeping a watchful eye on wrinkles and gray hairs.

8. Being more aware of my health then reckless.
9. Start dressing for comfort other then “fashion”.

10. Questioning myself for not saving more in my 20s.

Read them, learn them, and if you are still in your 20s then try to work towards reflecting less about the above 10 and more on the below: 

1. Start from the bottom at a job you love or can tolerate, stay there, and grow.

2. Don’t worry so much about education you can always gain job experience while working towards a degree.

3. Don’t worry or care so much about what other people think or say. You only matter in the end.

4. Focus more on you and not your boyfriend/ girlfriend. That time you can never get back but learn from the situation.

5. You can only help others after you helped yourself. 

Read, learn, reflect, and grow into a wiser more aware human being. No one is perfect and life is about thinking, doing, reflecting, and learning, without this what is the point of getting up everyday.