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Real LOVE isn’t jealous, prideful, or rude.

Real LOVE has the power to transform any negative mood.

Real LOVE conquers all it is supportive, trusting, and never fails.

Real LOVE can be the ultimate wind to your sails.

Real LOVE is a choice, not a feeling.

Real LOVE can help your hurt heart and start the healing.

Real LOVE doesn’t demand anything back.

Real LOVE in God you will never lack.

Real LOVE forgives others cause God once forgave us.

Real LOVE will never leave you in turmoil or make a big fuss.

Real LOVE is all you will ever need in this life.

Real LOVE between friends, family, or a husband and wife.

Real LOVE, please express this to someone today.

Real LOVE in Jesus we should always obey.

‘We love, because he first loved us. ‘ – 1 John 4:19

Bible Plan: Love is the Answer



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10 Surprising Facts Your Probably Didn’t Know About Valentine’s Day

Unless you are living underneath a rock or don’t live in one of the countries that celebrate Valentine’s Day I am sure you are 100 % aware of what Valentine’s Day is about. Just in case…Valentine’s Day is a day where it is traditional to show your significant other how much you love and care from them by sharing a small token of your affection on February 14th. Traditional gifts are usually candy, flowers, and/ or
a love note/ romantic card. Some people can’t wait to celebrate while others cringe at the thought of celebrating such a “commercialized” holiday where many companies profit off of the emotions of others. My personal thoughts immediately went to the religious aspect and to dig deeper into the facts behind the celebration of this “love giving” and “love getting” holiday.

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Here are 10 things about V day you may or may not know:

1. Valentine’s Day was based both on Christian and Catholic traditions (non-biblical). The Catholic Church recognizes at least three saints named Valentius, all of whom where martyred for helping Christians.

St-Valentine-1 image

2. Valentine was believed to defy the rules made up by Emperor Claudis II, which outlawed marriage because he felt like single young men made better soldiers than married ones with families.

3. One St. Valentine was a Roman priest who performed secret wedding ceremonies against the authorities in the 13th century.

4. The same St. Valentine was caught and imprisoned where he healed the daughter of the captor from blindness renewing faith in Christianity.

5. St. Valentine was tortured and decapitated on February 14th as many others who stood up for religious beliefs.

6. Valentine’s Day becomes associated with love starting in the late Middle Ages thanks to an English poet.

7. Another St. Valentine (Bishop of Terni) was also beheaded on February 14th for healing and preforming secret weddings, which were outlawed at the time.

St-Valentine-1 image 2

8. Valentine’s Day was also an effort on the Christian part to do away with a pagan holiday, Lupercalia. This festival was a bloody, violent, and sexually charged celebration that consists of animal sacrifice and matchmaking in the hopes to ward off evil spirits and infertility.

9. In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius deemed Lupercalia (February 15th) as, “un-Christian” and replaced it with Valentine’s Day (February 14th).

10. The oldest known Valentine, which the romance of this holiday didn’t start until around 1400s, was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife when he was imprisoned in the form of a poem.

Today Valentine’s Day is filled with romantic gestures so it is hard to imagine that this wasn’t always what the holiday stood for. It was actually based on violent barbaric false traditions that Christians tried hard to put a stop too in the name of Jesus. In turn, they were also subjected to harsh imprisonments which in many cases ended in execution. Whether you choose to en-knowledge the commercialized aspect of V day we must not forget the history behind the holiday so we can not repeat the same horrible events and traditions.

If you have another historically accurate fact about Valentine’s Day that most people aren’t aware of please share in the comments. I hope you all had a wonderful, loving Valentine’s Day and weekend with your loved one, family, and friends.

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Gorgeous’ Valentine Day Affair

On a cold and snowy Valentine’s day tucked away on the nineth floor high rise of a tall New York City building, a vocal showcase of musical talent and exclusive after party. At the Spot Karaoke Lounge, fusion Asian cuisine with tasty drinks that light up and an elegant contrast of the light and dark decor. The open dance floor that doubled as a stage for the featured talent of the night. The soulful Black Eyed Pea feel of talented duo, Bret Bulter talented singer and amazing guitarist and Decent, entertaining performer with a “Will I Am” prosonia. A fabulous start to an amazing V-day show. Hosted by Gorgeous Frazier (organizer and featured vocalist of the night) and beautiful lady in pink as her co-host of the night. Both dynamics were fun and sexy as were the performers: Bizzy Bee, Inkco Shorty, Love Guru, Romano Ivy,  Jillian, Conflict just to name a few. A cool mix of R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, and even some moving slam poetry. The Valentine’s Day Affair showed even with a cold wintery mix outside doesn’t damping the hot V-day energy that was sizzling on stage at, The Spot. Saving the best vocalist talent for the grand finally was, Gorgeous Frazier herself. Giving a little sneak peek of the songs she has written and produced herself and showcasing the reason that their should be #NoFilterNeeded when it comes to Gorgeous’ performances. Hitting those high notes with ease and rocking out with her talented guitarist. Those performances made the perfect end to a talented filled showcase with amazing food, drinks, and crowd. The DJ dropping those crazy beats with the videographers and photographers capturing it all. There was no other place to be this Valentine’s Day and I am glad I got to be a part of such an amazing musical talent. A mix of music, creativity and art with the recipe of drive and grind by the hardest working independent artist in the game, Gorgeous Frazier.

Check out some short clips of the Valentine’s Day Affair here:

V-day Performance Showcase Clip

Amazing Guitarist Video

No Music Needed Showcase Clip

Beauty in White Poetry Slam Video

Love Couple, Equally Talented Performance Video

Talented Female Artist Short Clip

Talented Male Artist In Red Video

Gorgeous Frazier V-day Performance Clip

Gorgeous Frazier, Save the Best for Last Video 

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Valentine’s Day Promo Video

The Valentine’s night affair party organized and hosted by Gorgeous Frazier. If you don’t have any V-day plans come to the Spot Karaoke Lounge. Enjoy great performances by talented vocalist Gorgeous Frazier (youtube.com/gorgeousmuzic) and many other talented artist. Dance and enjoy drink specials and beauty/ fashion giveaways by vendors. Come out and enjoy a special night with amazing people. Check out the video below to see a small preview of what this special night will hold.

Created by: Gorgeous Frazier